Amber Gore

All Star Director/Class Director for Island Elite


  • 25 years of coaching experience for cheerleading and gymnastics.
  • Cheered at Navarro Jr. College and Stephen F. Austin State University. 
  • USASF Certified Coach, Levels 1-5.
  • CPR & First Aid Certified. 
  • 4 time NCA High School All-American. 
  • 4 time NCA Collegiate All-American. 
  • NCA Staff member for 10 years.
  • Top 25 Rookie instructor for NCA.
  • NCA Grand National Champion 1998.
  • All-Star Cheerleader for 15 years.
  • Elite Gymnast.
  • Fit model for Varsity All-Star Fashions Design book. 
  • Choreographed and performed in the 1996 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. 
  • Won Worlds as an athlete at age 34.
  • Coached and choreographed numerous teams to Worlds titles. 
  • Coached and choreographed numerous NCA titles. 
  • 15 years experience designing and producing cheerleading uniforms and practice wear for Cheer Athletics. 
  • Coach and athlete for Cheer Athletics for 20 years. 
  • Coached Express Cheer junior 5 restricted Summit Champions.

Amber Gore

Coaches these classes: