Ryan Johnson

Class Director for Island Elite


  • Has worked with Island Elite (2018-Present).
  • 3X Cheerleading Worlds Gold Medalist.
  • 3x Cheerleading Worlds Silver Medalist.
  • 3X NCA All-Star Champion.
  • 4x NCA Collegiate Champion.
  • Cheered at Cheer Athletics on Wildcats (3 years) and Claw 6 (2 years).
  • Cheered at Navarro College 2006, 2007.
  • Cheered at Hawai’i Pacific University 2008.
  • Cheered at The University of Oklahoma 2009, 2010.
  • Cheered at Oklahoma State University 2011, 2012.
  • Graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.
  • Worked for NCA High School and Collegiate Staff for 10 years.
  • Travel Internationally coaching and also doing camps, clinics, and choreography.
  • Lived and coached at Outlaws in Melbourne Australia 2018-December 2019
  • Moved back to Hawai’i and started coaching at Island Elite in December 2019
  • I have been coaching cheerleading for 18 years.

Ryan Johnson

Coaches these classes: